Personal Services Plus (PSP)
Personal Services Plus is a Consulting Firm with over twenty years of experience in the areas of:

  • Consulting
  • Coaching
  • Community Relations, Engagement & Development
  • Strategic Alliances
  • Event Consulting

With our eye for details we assist each client with meeting their anticipated goals. Our client base ranges from nonprofits, corporate, community based organizations, churches and the political arena. It is our goal to be an extension in the community and serve as their Ambassador!

Our vision is to help establish a unique partnership with each client in all of their endeavors. We hope to be an extension to their company or organization by providing a personal touch.  

Our goal is to make a difference in the community.  We desire to help build bridges and coalitions between the corporate, small business, political, entertainment and community based organizations. It is our desire to help make our society a better place for all mankind.  In all that we do we believe we must always give back and make a difference.

Each client is different so give us a call for your personal evaluation on how we can be of service. Here's a partial list of our clients:

     * AbilityFirst
     * Albertsons
     * Association of Black Women Physicians
     * Black Business Association
     * Black Women Lawyers Association (Los Angeles)
     * Challengers Boys & Girls Club
     * Community Coalition
     * Congress of Racial Equality, CA (CORE-CA)
     * Crystal Stairs
     * Greater Los Angeles African American Chamber of Commerce (GLAAACC)
     * Hyundai Motor America
     * Liberty Hill
     * Los Angeles Urban League
     * Magic Johnson Foundation
     * Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Hospital
     * McDonald Owner/Operators Association of Southern California
     * National Medical Fellowship 
     * Nestle, USA, Inc.
     * New Directions for Veterans
     * Nike
     * Pacific Coast Regional Small Business Development Corp.
     * Rainbow PUSH Coalition & Citizen Education Fund
     * Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors
     * Ronald McDonald House of Charities
     * S.C.O.P.E. (Strategic Concepts in Organizing & Policy Education)
     * Southern Christian Leadership Conference of Greater Los Angeles (SCLC)
     * Tavis Smiley Group
     * U.S. Green Building Council
     * UCLA Black Alumni Association
     * And others....

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9th Annual PLUS Awards - April 9, 2016
       Forgiving For Living, Inc.

Martin Luther King, Jr. 
Community Hospital - Ongoing

New Directions for Veterans - Ongoing

Ronald McDonald House of Charities - June 2014
SCOPE 20th Anniversary - March 13, 2014
     S.C.O.P.E. (Strategic Concepts in Organizing 
     & Policy Education)

2014 Kingdom Day Parade - January 20, 2014
     Congress of Racial Equality, CA (CORE-CA)
     www.core-ca-org or

2nd Annual "Healthy, Wealthy & Wise" Conference - September 14, 2013
     Forgiving For Living, Inc.

JHAMC Ground Breaking - August 16, 2013

More Help For Homeowners December 8, 2012
     West Angeles Community Development Corporation

VSI High Speed Rail Project - December 10, 2012
     Veterans Southwest Industries (VSI)
Current & Past Clients
"You can count on Wendy. She's accessible, responds right away to any questions that arise, and goes the extra mile. And she is delightful and fun to work with!"
-- Commissioner 
Susanne L. Cumming, Esq.
Chair, John Anson Ford Human Relations Awards for the Los Angeles County Human Relations Commission

"PSP was the business partner we needed that made our special events a success!"
-- Ken Bentley
Vice President Community Affairs, 
Nestle, U.S.A., Inc.

"PSP is thorough and very professional"
-- Kevin Mazzu
Vice President, McDonald's Corporation

"PSP has imparted thoughtful, comprehensive and indispensable services to Albertsons Food and Drug Company for many years. Wendy’s creative thoughts and ideas, along with her organizational skills, have contributed greatly to the success of the company’s premier annual event. Wendy’s talent lies in blending her outstanding style and flair with her knowledge of practical resources. PSP, regardless of budget size, helps set the stage for a memorable event."
-- Marcia Williams
Vice President of Diversity
Albertsons, Inc.

"Without Wendy our event would have not been successful. She certainly made the event first class with her ideas and suggestions. Wendy is already planning our next event. Don't do your event without Wendy."
-- Lillian Tennell
President, Excel Family 
Intervention Programs

"Wendy and her company are such a blessing to us! Her knowledge, professionalism and attention to detail have turned planning our fundraising event into a joy. We are confident that our event will be successful with Wendy at the helm."
-- Brenda Penny
President, Black Women Lawyers Association of Los Angeles Foundation

"Wendy has been a flexible resource that has provided needed guidance and consistent energy towards the development of our community relations and diversity development efforts."
-- Scott Langley
National Manager, Human Resources
Hyundai Motor America

"Ms. Gladney's genius and excellence is in her attention to detail in planning, promotion, and execution, therefore, she's more than an event consultant she's a partner."
-- Dr. Lewis E. Logan, II
Pastor and Co-Founder,
Ruach Christian Community Fellowship

Personal Services Plus is a 
Certified Small Business Enterprise with:

     * Supplier Clearinghouse
     * Utility Supplier Diversity Program of the 
        California Utilities Commission
     * Metropolitan Water District of Southern California
     * Minority Business Development Agency
     * Los Angeles Community College Board
     * Los Angeles Unified School District
     * Port of Los Angeles
     * San Diego County Water Authority
     * City of San Diego