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Are You Leaving Your Brand to Happenstance?

Entrepreneurs, small business owners, and small nonprofits have a lot on their shoulders to help make sure they run a successful and productive business. There are so many components that must be attended to daily to keep things running, one of the last things we want to spend time, energy, and money on is how we are doing with our branding. However, our branding and how we come across to the public is very important. It is oftentimes the first impression someone has on who we are, what we do, and how efficient we may be. It could play a role in helping them decide if we are who they are looking for and need. We cannot leave our brand to happenstance.

One of the queens when it comes to branding is Martha Stewart. She has branded, rebranded, and branded again based on her circumstances and what she is trying to convey. Martha started her brand by being the expert on entertaining, which included catering, décor, and lifestyle living. She was able to market her brand through her magazine, television show, and other sorts of advertising. Remember, marketing and advertising are not your brand, they are just a tool to express and expand your brand. Martha was considered the go-to in the white upper-crust world (we looked to B. Smith). Eventually, her brand changed to the everyday person who shopped at Kmart, and then eventually she ended up in prison. She did not let this get her down, when she was released from prison, she rebranded herself and now she is on top of things with a restaurant in Las Vegas, wine distribution, and a friend named Snoop Dogg.

Martha learned how to use every situation to enhance and advance her brand based on where she was at the time. The key is understanding your audience and what you have to offer. We all may have to learn how to pivot and adjust with the times, as long as we never lose the core of what we do and what we are offering. Just like Martha, we must define what is unique about us and what sets us apart from others who are in the same industry. Why you? Are you able to tell your story in a compelling way that not only attracts your audience but also speaks their language? Make sure you are authentic and consistent in your branding across all platforms which means your website, social media, marketing, and advertising campaigns. People need to see things the same way several times before it resonates with them what you do and who you are. Make sure you take advantage of various networking opportunities as well.

I have been an entrepreneur for over three decades and one of the things I try to practice with my business and branding is finding how I can help others or be of service first. Make sure people know that you care about their success just as much as you care about yours. When they truly believe you are genuine, they will make more effort to see how they can support you and your business. By implementing these strategies and consistently reinforcing your brand message, you can differentiate yourself in the marketplace and position yourself for success in your career or business endeavors. Over the years my branding has also opened opportunities for me to be a speaker and columnist, and I am often asked to be a guest on several radio programs. The same can happen to you. Do not leave your success to happenstance.

Healing Without Hate: It’s a choice. It’s a lifestyle. Pass it on.

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