Prejudice, Pandemonium, and Power: Where Does True Patriotism & Peace Really Come In?

America’s Democracy was recently challenged and rocked. As the New York Times quoted, the mob that stormed our Nation’s Capitol, “listened to the president.” Trump called them, “very special people.” He went on to also say, “we love you.” Number 45 has been able to do all he continues to do because the authorities, including his own administration, have not held him to the highest level of accountability that he swore to when he took office. Until now. It appears that many are coming forward to finally say enough is enough!

Over the past year we have seen several demonstrations regarding people’s rights that took to the streets of Washington, D.C. However, when groups such as #BlackLivesMatter tried to peacefully demonstrate, they were greeted with tear gas, a full force of armed police, death, and hundreds of arrests. Whereas, when the group that waived Trump flags and signs that read, “Save America” came to town, they were met with little resistance and just a handful of arrests. Even when they broke the windows of our Capitol, they were just about given an open door to proceed. Our country is still so laden with racial prejudice that even when pandemonium breaks out on the hallowed grounds of our government, “some” are given a pass. And moreover, given a “blessing” by the powers-that-be…

It is my belief that all Americans are patriots. Our flag and love of country is not reserved for one group over another. For peace to be achieved, and for some semblance of unity in our country to occur, we must realize that we are all in this together. We must put down our differences and pick-up our common interests to survive. Democracy is a system of government FOR the people and BY the people. The word comes from two Greek words; demos = people and kratos = rule. We have elected representatives that are selected through the process of voting. To honor our democracy, we must respect the power of the vote, not the voice of one man.

Now is the time we must pay attention to the words of our Constitution. Our government is for the people and by the people for all people. We are not a monarchy, but rather a democracy. Although the voice of the President should carry weight and be respected, no one should have the power to incite the type of activity that we all recently observed. His actions border on tyranny and now there are discussions to invoke the 25th Amendment. Simply stated, the Twenty-fifth Amendment states that if the President becomes unable to do his job, the Vice President becomes the President. He has shown his true colors in vibrant shades where there is no doubt.

I still believe the world possess wonderful people that can learn to live together despite their differences. I also believe that we as Americans will get through these difficult and dark days. After all, this is not the first time we have experienced division, hatred, and dissension. But if we want hope for our children and future generations, we must do something about it now. Tomorrow may be too late. A.E. Samaan said, “The harder you swing the pendulum one way, the more violently it will swing back.” America beware. #justice #america #meaning #message #mission #coachwendy

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