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Meaning, Message, and  Mission  

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As your Coach, I can help you perform at the maximum level possible. Things that often hold us back are a lack of confidence, the imposter syndrome, and simply feeling we don't belong in the room. This mindset can cause us to get stuck and I want to help you get unstuck and move forward.


I will help you identify your WHY. Once you understand your Why, we can uncover your Meaning, Message, and Mission.


Are You Ready 

To Build

Your Confidence?

Meet Coach Wendy

Wendy Gladney is a Coach, Life Strategist, Consultant, Author, and Speaker. A multi-faceted businesswoman with close to thirty years of experience, Wendy is the founder of Season of Greatness (SOG); Personal Services Plus Consulting (PSP); and the nonprofit, Forgiving for Living, Inc. (FFL). As a Coach, Consultant, and Strategist, Wendy has worked with individuals, community-based organizations, small businesses, and corporations across America. Wendy believes in helping others reach their full potential while providing exceptional service.


“Wendy is someone who walks the talk.  For years, she has been an advocate for showing forgiveness and compassion to others and for translating that into our work as business leaders and professionals.  When I have a client who needs a coach or trainer who exhibits these characteristics and who knows how to train others to do the same, Wendy is my first choice!” 

Angela Reddock, Attorney-at-Law

Reddock Law Firm

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