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Let's Develop Your

Meaning, Message & Mission.


“Oftentimes we get knocked down and we don't know how to get up—or even if we want to get back up. We can't give in and we can't give up! We must find your way forward and I can help you get there.”

— Wendy Gladney


What I Will Do As Your Life Strategist

I will be your coach, mentor, and consultant that helps you perform at your maximum level of effectiveness and efficiency.


I will help you see things you cannot see for yourself. I serve as your professional safety net that helps you navigate through uncharted waters. Together we will look at where you are, where you would like to be, and what it will take for you to get there. I will help you arrange, rearrange and prioritize your thoughts, your dreams, and goals to achieve your very best. I will help you identify your WHY. Once you understand your Why, we can uncover your Meaning, Message, and Mission.


Suffering from

Lack of Confidence

Been knocked to your knees causing you to lose your confidence
and wonder if you have the power to get back up?

Meet Coach Wendy

Helping Women Become Their Best Self

Wendy Gladney is a Life Strategist, Consultant, Speaker, and Bestselling Author who specializes in helping women step out of fear and limitation and into their “Season of Greatness”. By providing actionable inspiration and whole-life solutions she helps women through transformation and transition to reach their full potential and create sustainable success.


“Wendy is someone who walks the talk.  For years, she has been an advocate for showing forgiveness and compassion to others and for translating that into our work as business leaders and professionals.  When I have a client who needs a coach or trainer who exhibits these characteristics and who knows how to train others to do the same, Wendy is my first choice!” 

Angela Reddock, Attorney-at-law

Reddock Law Firm

Clients Served


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