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Don't Let Up!

Summer is here, and most of us are ready to push pause on so many things, but I want to encourage us not to let up on our goals, dreams, and commitments. June is the month where we are halfway through the year, we are fatigued from all the things we said we were going to do and accomplish since establishing our New Year’s resolutions. School is out for the summer, graduations, weddings, and vacation plans and activities are kicking into high gear. It can be a little overwhelming, but as my grandmother would say, rest if you must, but then get back in the race. Now is the time that separates those who not only can, but also are willing to do what needs to be done to be successful.

Take some time to look at where you are and where you would like to be. What area in your life are you struggling to maintain momentum or even get started? All of us have our weak spots and our strengths. It is common that we play to our strengths and push back on our weaknesses when we should focus on where we are weak so we can build up our stamina in those areas. For me, it has always been exercise. I am good when it comes to going the extra mile for the goals, I set for myself, but for some reason, even when I give myself incentives, I struggle with sticking to my exercise, weight, and health goals. I start off strong, but then somewhere along the process I slack up and I allow my schedule to be the excuse for why I do not stay with it. Even when we know that a particular goal, we have set for ourselves is also good for us does not necessarily give us the commitment level we need. When this is the case, we cannot be afraid to reach out for help and support.

Additionally, sometimes we may also stop and think about what we are doing and assess if we need to make some adjustments or pivot. We do not need to be legalistic about a goal, dream, or commitment, if along the way you realize it does not serve you well or that it is not what you originally thought it was going to be, you have the right to adjust. This happened to me a few times along my journey. I will have a good idea and I start to run fast towards it, but then when I step back and look at the big picture, I have to tell myself that either this is not for me, or that it is not for me right now and I permit myself to come back to it later. Be honest with yourself and figure out if you are being a bit lazy, or if you need to take a second look and set a new goal.

As we take in these warm summer days, I want to encourage you to make sure you make time to rest, spend time with family and loved ones, and take that much-needed and desired vacation, but then get back in the saddle and keep riding through to the finish line. During this juncture in the road, we oftentimes need to get an accountability buddy or a coach to help us stay on track and not throw in the towel. Whatever you need to do to stay committed to yourself and the goals you have set for yourself, do it. Investing in the things to help you stay focused and strong to the finish line is worth it now and in the long run.

Finally, I would like to say, be patient with yourself, not complacent, but patient. Give yourself grace and know that the race is not necessarily to the swift, but to he who endures until the end. Do not let up, but pace yourself in such a way that works for you and your entire lifestyle. It is important to have a work-life balance that includes all aspects of your daily life. If you need someone to check in with, let me know. #StayStrong #CoachWendy

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