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Don't Confuse Your Valuables With Your Value

Have you ever known anyone who measured their self-worth by the size of their bank account or by their physical appearance? Too many people in this materialistic world we live in do not know the difference between their net worth and their self-worth. The yardstick we measure our worth as a person is a major contributing factor in the decisions we make, the friends we choose, the thoughts we have about love and life, and the way we feel about others and ourselves. We should never confuse our valuables (what we have) with our value (who we are and whose we are).

Too often many of us think who we are depends on what we do or what we have. Our self-worth is actually determined by the level of importance we place on ourselves. Our self-worth controls how we see ourselves. How we think determines what we believe, what we believe determines how we act and how we act is a product of what value we place on ourselves. I know that my self-worth was adversely affected by some of the trauma and drama of my childhood caused by abandonment and abuse. But, by the grace of God and the extraordinary love of my grandmother, I was able to regain my confidence and develop a love of self which enlightened me to recognize that I was a child of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. This realization was instrumental in laying the foundation of my self-worth which I was able to build upon as an adult woman.

One of the ways I was able to build my self-worth and stay strong despite a less than perfect childhood was to forgive those who hurt me, disappointed me, and made me grow up to soon. I knew for me to become the person I wanted to be I could not feel guilty or ashamed of my situations and circumstances. My grandmother taught me to focus on my strengths and excel in anything I chose to try or participate in. She also taught me to love myself, learn from my mistakes and never let anyone else make me feel less about myself. Never measure and compare your own self-worth to the worth of others.

If we are not careful, we can get caught up in what the world says we should measure our self-worth on, like money, status, possessions, popularity, appearance, who you know, social media followers, and career. Self-worth should be measured by your kindness, compassion, empathy, respect for others, responsiveness to others, caring for others and how well you treat yourself and those around you.

Always remember:

Someone will always be prettier and thinner.

Someone will always be smarter and funnier.

Someone will always be younger and healthier.

But they will never be You!

There is only one you on this planet and you cannot be anyone else because everyone else is taken. You are unique, a one-of-a-kind individual that is priceless. You are special and no one can replace you in this world. Love you some you. When I realized and internalized that I was irreplaceable, I acted and talked like someone who knew their value and valued their self-worth. And so can you!

Healing Without Hate: It's a choice. It's a lifestyle. Pass it on!

Visit and to learn more. Wendy is a life strategist, coach, consultant, author, and speaker.


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